Dad's Unusual (Yet Successful) Way To Pull Out Daughter's Wobbly Tooth With Two Squirrels

And surprisingly, it worked.

A dad decided to enlist the help of wild squirrels to help sort his daughter's wobbly tooth out.

Instead of the usual techniques of twisting it or giving the tooth a gentle tug, he thought it'd be much more entertaining to do it in a park.

His daughter looked really stoked about the situation.


In what he calls the "first of its kind", the dad attached dental floss to his daughter's tooth on one end, and to a clump of granola on the other.

While his daughter was sat patiently on the bench, he placed the granola on the other side of the bench and waited for squirrels to come along.


Sure enough, it was a matter of minutes before two squirrels hopped on the bench and began gnawing away at the granola.

It didn't take long for the squirrels to scurry away with the food in their mouths and as they did, they pulled the tooth out in one simple attempt.

Oddly entertaining.

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