Dads Hacks: Men Are Sharing The Ingenious Ways They Boss Parenthood

Using a recycling bin as a walker.

Parenting can be hard, so we’re always on the look out for a hack to make the job that bit easier (and maybe even give ourselves a break).

Thankfully, some generous dads are sharing their best innovations on Instagram, with everything from using dumbbells to help their baby sleep, to using recycling bins to teach them to walk.

We’re already taking notes.

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Daddy day care. Twins are fast asleep!! #dadhacks 👌🏼No babies were harmed in the making of this boomerang 😂

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Genius doesn't even begin to explain this. 😀👏 #dadhacks ----------------------------------- 📷: @menshumor

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All about those dad hacks! Bit of gaffer tape goes a long way!!! #dadhacks #TabiRackers

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