09/08/2016 11:05 BST | Updated 09/08/2016 17:09 BST

Dan Goodfellow's Mum Isn't Happy About Her Son Being Ignored By UK Media Olympics Coverage

'Is it for real?'

Many were left unimpressed when Olympic bronze medallist Dan Goodfellow was ignored by Tuesday’s newspaper front covers, despite the fact that he won as a pair alongside Tom Daley.

Goodfellow and Daley took third place in the men’s platform 10m synchro at Rio on day three - and yet many papers only featured Daley. 

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail's front page
Daily Telegraph
The Daily Telegraph's front page

But now Goodfellow’s mother, Sharon, has voiced her displeasure at the coverage of her son’s victory.

She tweeted:

She added that she had contacted journalists at the paper:

BBC presenter and former gymnast Gabby Logan was also angry with The Times for the image they used. Goodfellow’s mother also chimed in with her agreement:

 She did, however, praise the Metro for their front page...

She also tweeted thanks for the support she had received on the issue:

Keen observers also pointed out that the BBC had prioritised Daley in its coverage of the win:

Elsewhere on Twitter, many people mocked the way the story was reported...

Others were simply outraged...

 Some even suggested papers should apologise for their picture choice...

Daley and Goodfellow finished with 444.45, but had to wait for their result to be confirmed.

The British pair were diving last of the eight teams and there was a tense wait before the result was confirmed.

It was Daley’s second bronze and Goodfellow’s first time on the Olympic podium - but from their reaction you’d think they had won gold...

Daley said that the result took the pressure off him for his performance in the individual event.

He said: “I’ve got an Olympic medal and to share that moment with Dan was incredible.

“I’ve taken the pressure off myself now. Now I can go into that individual competition in the best frame of mind possible.

“It’s given me a taste of it and I want to go and get some more. Now I want to go and get a gold medal.”