18/01/2019 11:16 GMT

'Dancing On Ice': Wes Nelson Insists Megan Barton Hanson And Vanessa Bauer Saga Has 'Concluded'

For now, at least...

‘Dancing On Ice’ contestant Wes Nelson has insisted that his professional partner Vanessa Bauer and girlfriend Megan Barton Hanson have set aside their differences.

Wes was at the centre of drama earlier this week, when Megan publicly called out Vanessa on Instagram, suggesting the ice skater’s recent break-up was announced deliberately to coincide with her first appearance on the show.

Megan later put Vanessa on blast for not having reached out to her during training with Wes, though he has now said that the drama is over.

Karwai Tang via Getty Images
'Dancing On Ice' star Wes Nelson

“It’s concluded,” he told Heart Radio. “They’re happy.

“I don’t even know what they spoke about, I just let women get on with their women talk.”

Defending his girlfriend, Wes continued: “Meg has suffered a lot. She has come to support me, cheer me on, and then got absolutely nailed for doing it.” 

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images
Wes with girlfriend and former 'Love Island' co-star Megan

He added: “The outburst with Vanessa, that was the result of a lot of negative press. She has said ’I wish I had privately messaged her. She’s not apologising for it. It’s how she feels. I’m not going to argue with it. I’m going to back my girlfriend.

“I don’t want to mess anything with the show or with my girlfriend. We understand what’s going on. They’ve spoken, we’ve sorted it.”

Joe Maher via Getty Images
Wes and Vanessa at this year's 'Dancing On Ice' photocall

Wes also responded to professional skater Matt Evers’ comments about Megan looking “sour” in the audience, stating: “I think that was uncalled for to be fair.

“The fact that he’s judged that off a screen print of her from a two hour show – one millisecond of a two hour show that she’s not smiling is the one that they say ‘oh she was screwing’. She was laughing and joking the whole time, I was watching her the whole time, laughing and joking.”

Following her much-discussed Instagram post, Megan has since taken aim at ‘Dancing On Ice’ viewers, claiming she feels “attacked” by the ITV show’s audience.

‘Dancing On Ice’ returns on Sunday evening at 6pm on ITV.

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