Danny Dyer Admits There Are 'A Few' Ex-EastEnders Cast Members He Won't Miss After Soap Exit

"Most of them, I love dearly. Not all…" the former Mick Carter actor said.
Danny Dyer
Danny Dyer
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Danny Dyer has thrown some shade at of his former EastEnders cast mates, admitting there’s “a few” of them he will not miss after quitting the soap.

The actor bowed out of his role of Mick Carter the BBC show in dramatic fashion on Christmas Day, after nine years playing the Queen Vic landlord.

Discussing his exit during an appearance on Saturday’s episode of The Johnathan Ross Show, Danny admitted that while he loves “most” of his former co-stars, that can’t be said for all of them.

Asked if there were cast members he wouldn’t miss, Danny replied: “There’s a few of them actually, I ain’t going to lie.

“I won’t say [who], you know. Most of them, I love dearly. Not all…”

Jonathan then asked if those actors who Danny did not get on with would know he was talking about them, to which he replied: “I would have thought so.”

However, he stopped short of naming which actors he was referring to.

Danny on the set of the Jubilee episode of EastEnders featuring the then Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall
Danny on the set of the Jubilee episode of EastEnders featuring the then Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall
BBC via PA Media

Danny’s character is currently presumed dead after jumping of a cliff to rescue his villainous wife Janine and their unborn baby and his ex-wife Linda after their car plunged into the sea.

The soap’s Christmas episode saw Janine’s true colours exposed to Mick, after she plotted to split up his marriage to Linda, causing the landlady to relapse in her battle with alcohol addiction and framed her for a supposed drink-driving accident.

Asked if there’s any possibility Mick could return to Albert Square seeing as his body is yet to be found, Danny told Jonathan Ross: “If it goes tits up, I can go back. I can turn up in three years’ time, walk in the Queen Vic smothered in seaweed.

“They wanted to keep it open. I’m very privileged and grateful for that job. It really did change my career and my life… You don’t have much say in [the exit], I just wanted it to be exciting and quite cinematic. It went down really well, a lot of people were quite touched by it. People were sending me all this stuff, TikToks of kids crying, it really upset them.”

Danny previously admitted his found his soap exit “odd” and had originally wanted a different, more final ending for Mick.

“Where would he have gone to? He can’t swim. I found it a bit odd,” he told The Times.

“I felt that to go on a journey with Mick, who doesn’t open up properly to anyone, and feels shame and all that stuff, to have it end tragically, that would have opened debate and got the nation talking,” he added of Mick, who had previously struggled with anxiety and depression in a storyline that revealed the character had been abused as a child in the care system.

Following his exit, Charlie Brooks and Kellie Bright, who worked alongside Danny as Janine and Linda respectively, paid tribute to their friend Danny on social media.

“Sad as I am that our TV coupling is over, Kellie and Danny will be friends forever. Thank you for EVERYTHING,” Kellie wrote, calling working with Danny “the best years of my life”.

“Not a dry eye in the house. Well done DD. LOVE YA!” Charlie wrote after his last episode.

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