09/06/2019 09:14 BST | Updated 09/06/2019 09:16 BST

Love Island Introduces Second Bombshell Arrival Danny Williams

And he's already setting his sights on Yewande.

If you thought things in the Love Island villa were going to go a bit quiet now that all of the contestants are coupled up, you can definitely think again.

The last time we checked in with the Islanders, a reshuffle left Callum Macleod as the last un-coupled man standing, and he was therefore shown the door, while the remaining 12 contestants got to stay in the house in their pairs.

However, that could all be about to change, as producers have now introduced us to the second Bombshell arrival of the series. 

Danny Williams

Danny Williams – a model, who recently appeared in Little Mix’s photo-shoot for Attitude magazine – will make his Love Island debut on Sunday night, and will no doubt be making a beeline for some of the girls, in order to land himself a permanent spot in the villa.

And it sounds like one girl in particular has caught his eye, as he’s said: “From what I can gather from what I’ve seen so far, I think Yewande ticks a lot of boxes. She strikes me as someone who is very intelligent and is quite independent.

“We’re all in there looking for love, but she’s her own woman and doesn’t seem to be playing games or have any tactics, which I find attractive.”

Yewande is currently paired up with Michael Griffiths, but it’s not unfair to say this is more out of convenience than anything, after they were among the last two chosen during the first coupling-up of the series.

Yewande and Michael in the Love Island villa

In fact, Yewande recently commented that kissing Michael as part of a task felt like “kissing her brother”, though new boy Danny has said he’s not one for breaking up a happy pair, if that were what it came down to.

“I’m not going to actively try to step on anyone’s toes if I can help it,” Danny says. “But I guess if it has to be done and I think I’m morally right doing it, I’m happy doing it.”

Find out how he gets on in Sunday night’s Love Island, airing at 9pm on ITV2.

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