18/04/2019 13:49 BST

David Attenborough Warns Of ‘Man-Made Disaster On A Global Scale’ In New Climate Change Film

“We are running out of time but there is still hope."

Sir David Attenborough has warned that we will face a “man-made disaster on a global scale” and a “devastating future” if action is not taken to combat climate change.

The veteran broadcaster makes his stark warning in Climate Change: The Facts, a new BBC documentary which airs tonight (Thursday April 18).

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Sir David Attenborough

Explaining that “right now, we are facing our greatest threat in thousands of years”, David says: “Scientists across the globe are in no doubt that at the current rate of warming we risk a devastating future. The science is now clear that urgent action is needed.

“What happens now and in these next few years will profoundly affect the next few thousand years.

“What can be done to avert disaster and ensure the survival of our civilisations and the natural world upon which we depend?”

The broadcaster has been highlighting the effects of climate change for 20 years and adds that in that time, “conditions have changed far faster than I ever imagined”.

“We are running out of time but there is still hope,” he said. “I believe that if we better understand the threat we face, the more likely it is that we can avoid such a catastrophic future.

“Our climate is changing because of one simple fact... our world is getting hotter.”

The warming can be attributed to carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels, scientists in the documentary say.

The release of the documentary is incredibly timely and comes as climate change protests in London and other UK cities are on their fourth day.

Activist group Extinction Rebellion has brought parts of central London to a standstill, incredibly the usually busy Waterloo Bridge.

This film comes just weeks after the release of David’s first Netflix series, Our Planet, which also focused on the negative impact human behaviour and industries are having on the natural world.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, one of the film’s camerawomen urged viewers to act on the devastating home truths the series featured.

Sophie Darlington said: “It’s important that we take action now.

“I think it’s really great they’re showing things like that because it’s not always a success.”  

Climate Change: The Facts airs on April 18 on BBC One at 9pm.