David Cameron Snaps At Kate Garraway During Tense Good Morning Britain Interview

David Cameron had sharp exchange of words with Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway on Friday morning, after becoming irritated at her for interrupting him.

Appearing on the programme to defend his pro-EU referendum campaign, the prime minister was put under pressure by Garraway over his record on immigration. "Why didn’t you get the numbers under 100,000," she asked pointedly.

"You keep asking me a question then literally not giving me a chance to answer," he complained.

Net migration to the UK was 333,000 in the year to December - the second highest ever. A record 184,000 of those came from the EU.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries, who has called for Cameron to resign, accused Cameron of being sexist.

The spat came after Cameron received a rough ride from the studio audience at the Sky News Brexit Q&A on Thursday evening.

This morning on ITV, Cameron said the government needed “to do better” at controlling immigration from outside the EU to achieve this.

“Wrecking our economy by coming out of the European single market and hitting business and jobs and our economy, that would be a terrible way of trying to deal with this issue,” he said.

“If we come out of the EU and have a smaller economy and fewer jobs, we will have less money to spend on public services.”