David Cameron 'Trapped In Wealth', According To The Telegraph's Charles Moore

Why won't anyone help the poor man?

In light of the Panama Papers scandal, politicians across the UK are under immense pressure to release their tax returns and prove they have nothing to hide.

David Cameron has done so, to mixed reactions.

A column by Charles Moore in Monday's Telegraph compared the prime minister's recent tax kerfuffle to people being "trapped in poverty," and went on to say being trapped in wealth was "David Cameron's fate".

Needless to say, the "mo' money, mo' problems" attitude prompted quite the backlash from tweeters.

Moore's column was referring to the prime minister's recent release of his tax records, which came in response to his father's implication in the Panama Papers ordeal.

Shortly after documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca confirmed Ian Cameron’s involvement, the PM admitted to benefiting from his father's shares - although insisted he and his wife had sold them all for around £30,000 in 2010.

A profit made of just over £19,000 was below the couple’s joint capital gains allowance of £20,200 - meaning they did not have to pay capital gains tax.

Charles Moore sprung to Cameron's defence in his column, saying the dealings were "little different from saving in a tax-free ISA or buying a duty-free drink".

However the snippet that got Twitter riled up was not intended to be taken as a snippet, as tweeter John Self mentioned: