David Cameron's 7 Best Jokes From His Final PMQs

Prime gag-minister, amirite?

1. ‘I love Larry the cat’

David Cameron may well be on his way out, but the Downing Street cat, Larry, is staying on. The prime minister used the occasion to put to bed a rumour that he did not love Larry. “I do,” he insisted. And he held up “photographic evidence” of it - a picture of him with Larry sitting on his lap.

2. Jeremy Corbyn, The Black Knight

3. This American accent

4. Ken Clarke fired him

5. On the Tories winning 2-0 with women prime ministers

6. ‘Resignation, nomination, competition and coronation’

“We got on with it,” he said. “Resignation, nomination, competition and coronation.”

"They haven’t even decided what the rules are yet,” he said of Labour. “If they ever got into power it would take them about a year to work out who would sit where."

7. I get emails as well, Jeremy

Judith, if that is her real name, had asked Cameron to go easy on Corbyn incase Tom Watson took over as he was more “dangerous in the long term”.

Cameron added: “I’ve got to find Judith and find out what on earth happens next.”

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