David Cameron's Last PMQs As PM In Funny Tweets

In which the PM of the UK help up a photograph of a cat.

Wednesday saw David Cameron walk into the Commons for the last time as Prime Minister and he seemed remarkably chipper.

As did the Tories.

Maybe because they’re all fans majestic alternative rock music.

The place was packed.

Some people couldn’t get a look-in.

Meanwhile back at home...

Cameron listed his achievements.

Then Jeremy Corbyn stood up.

But Cameron wasn’t going to be so easy on Labour at his last appearance as PM.

Then Corbyn opened an industrial-sized tin of political gloss.

Even when he did try and make a joke it was more at his own expense than Cameron’s.

And it just kept coming from Cameron.

Everyone seemed to forget what side they were on.

Then things got a bit surreal.

And then came the final speech.

So in summary...

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