Toddler Tantrums: 18 Ways Parents Deal With Kids Playing Up In Public

'Gin. Always gin.'

A toddler's tantrum is one of those stages of parenting that makes you want to pull your hair out.

What makes it even worse? When you're out in public and they just won't stop.

Thankfully, wise parents have a few tactics up their sleeve to nip these tantrums in the bud.

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We asked mums and dads on our HuffPost UK Parents Facebook page to finish the sentence: "I deal with my toddler's tantrum in public by ______".

The results were brilliant - a mix of comical, serious and helpful parenting hacks that everyone will want to know.

1. "Standing a few feet away with my arms crossed and 'not looking' until they calm down."

2. "Above all I never, ever bluff."

3. "Completely ignore them.

4. "Acknowledge, understand, listen, help him work through the big emotion, validate how he is feeling. Cuddle, be connected."

5. "Join in."

6. "Let them cry and be angry them talk to them calmly and lovingly about it."

7. "Reason with them and say 'Are you going to sit on the floor crying or do you want to get up and go play?'"

8. "Hugs, kisses and love, always"

9. "Gin, always gin."

10. "By dying inside while trying to remain calm."

11. "Neither of mine like to be cuddled so I sit with them and wait."

12. "Ask what he/she needs from me."

13. "Standing him in the corner about a metre away and telling him he can come back when he's finished."

14. "Drag him away from places, usually."

15. "Nip things in the bud with any distraction - food, toys, play."

16. "Start singing 'Don't care how I want it now' by Veruca Salt.'

17. "Just pretend it's not happening."

18. "Buying cake, simple."

Want to add your own hacks for dealing with tantrums? Let us know in the comments below.

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