10/07/2018 10:34 BST | Updated 10/07/2018 11:38 BST

England Fan Gets Harry Maguire's Face Tattooed As A Bet - And The Player Loves It

It's coming home.

Whatever the outcome of this year’s World Cup, footie fan Matt Benton will have something to remember the tournament by for life. 

The die-hard supporter, from Doncaster, now has the face of England’s Harry Maguire tattooed on his chest following a bet with mates - and the player couldn’t be more chuffed.  

Benton had pledged to get a tattoo in tribute of Maguire if the defender managed to score against Sweden in Saturday’s quarter final. When the 25-year-old’s momentous header put England ahead, his fate was sealed. 

“It’s coming home. Bet’s a bet!” Benton said on Twitter. 

PA Wire/PA Images

The fan will end this World Cup with more than a tattoo though. Maguire spotted his valiant effort and tweeted him personally to offer a free signed shirt from the entire team.

Other England fans have also been getting tattoos in honour of this year’s team, with some seriously jumping the gun. Fingers crossed Jamie Richardson from Leeds won’t regret declaring England “World Cup winners” before they’ve got through the semi final.