23/01/2017 15:22 GMT

Demolition Of 19 Buildings In Wuhan, China, Is Strangely Mesmerising


This is the incredible moment 19 blocks of flats were reduced to rubble in just 10 seconds.

Five tons of explosives were used to clear the Hankou Binjiang estate in Wuhan, China.

According to the Independent, Jia Yongsheng, general director of the demolition company, told Chinese state broadcast CCTV: “For this kind of large-scale blasting demolition conducted in the downtown area, we not only need to guarantee the demolition result, but also strictly control the adverse effects of blasting.

“The demolition effect was quite ideal.

The 19 buildings fell in just 19 seconds

“The explosion didn’t affect the light rail and public facilities around the blasted buildings.

“There was no damage and adverse effects of blasting.”

He said the explosions had to be precisely timed to ensure no damage to surrounding buildings.

A business park and 707ft skyscraper will be built on the cleared site.