04/09/2017 11:44 BST

'Did I Turn My Hair Straightener Off?' Is Trending On Twitter Because Your Morning Struggle Is Real

😳 😰 😳

Twitter thread with the question ‘did I turn my hair straightener off?’ has gone viral and we totally get why. 

Sometimes there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve forgotten to do something on a busy day. 

Add to that unsettling feeling the idea of setting your house on fire and you get something like this look on your face: 

It’s not surprising that so many on Twitter could relate to this feeling. 

People even shared some helpful (albeit impractical) solutions to prevent you from forgetting to turn off straighteners. 

One comment, complete with a hilarious GIF, is a classic reminder of something we’ve all probably done before: stopped the car/bus/train and sprinted back home to double check.

(More often than not it was fine.) 

Our favourite suggestion is this one (and the responses are also worth a scroll): 

Ah, first world problems.