Disney's Tear-Jerking Christmas Advert Has Officially Broken Us

The ad certainly lives up to Disney’s reputation of always making us cry.

OK, we’ll admit it doesn’t take a huge amount to set us off right now, but even those with the coldest of hearts would have a hard time not being moved by Disney’s new Christmas advert.

The corporation has just unveiled their new festive commercial, and it certainly lives up to Disney’s tear-jerking reputation.

The ad sees a Mickey Mouse toy gifted to a young girl named Lola by her father in 1940, and as the years go by, the toy comes to symbolise her present-day relationship with her granddaughter.

In typical Disney fashion, there is an incident halfway through the ad that leads to an emotional moment as the characters celebrate Christmas.


The advert is sound-tracked by 19-year-old British musician Griff with her song Love Is A Compass.

She described the ad as “the happy ending everybody wants to see” while families remain apart due to Covid-19, telling the PA news agency: “Right now at this time it feels very timely and people are going to watch it and crave to be together and want to be together. Definitely when I was watching it.

“It’s so important to give a message of hope and realise that we will all reconnect at some point. When I watched it I just loved it.”


The animation short also supports children’s charity Make-A-Wish, with the Mickey Mouse doll from the ad available to buy online, with money going to help fulfil the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

Love Is A Compass will also be available from November 9 with all proceeds going to Make-A-Wish.


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