31/08/2017 09:45 BST | Updated 31/08/2017 16:19 BST

Three-Year-Old Boy Unable To Take Part In 'Princess For A Day' Experience At Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris has since apologised.

A mum was told her son was unable to take part in a “princess for a day” experience at Disneyland Paris because he’s a boy. 

Hayley McLean-Glass, from Devon, said her three-year-old son Noah is the “biggest Elsa fan in the world” in a post on her blog.

However when she tried to book the experience, she received a reply stating: “At this time it is not possible to book ‘princess for a day’ for a boy”.

Instead, the park offered him a tailored gift pack with princess-themed items. 

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“I just think that it’s unfair, I mean if there was an activity such as a pirate dress up or a Spiderman event, little girls would be allowed to do it,” the mum told ITV News.

″[He wears his dress] from the minute he gets up... until the minute he goes to bed but he won’t even take it off then. He listens to ‘Let It Go’ all day. It’s his absolute favourite thing.”

In the open letter written on her blog, McLean-Glass wrote: “This isn’t even a gay/straight debate... this is a child. Who wants to be just like his favourite character.

“Please do explain to me what terrible awful fate may befall him if you indulge him in his desire to have his hair done, put on an Elsa dress and wear a bit of blusher for a photo? Because frankly, I am baffled.” 

ITV News
Hayley McLean-Glass.

A Disneyland Paris spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “This experience is available to all children ages 3-12 and we’ve reached out to the family to apologise for them being provided with inaccurate information.”

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