13/07/2017 14:59 BST

Thousands Of Women Get Involved In 'The Nude Project' To Create An Inclusive Range Of Tights

'Women’s skin is more diverse than the fashion industry acknowledges.'

One size doesn’t fit all, and neither does one shade of nude. 

Which is why a London-based bodywear company has launched an initiative asking for women all over the world to help them create a range of diverse nude-coloured tights. 

‘The Nude Project’ by Heist Studios, which launched on Tuesday 11 July, aims to have led to the creation of a new hosiery collection by spring 2018.

“We’re excited to launch The Nude Project,” the brand wrote on Instagram on Tuesday 11 July.“Our mission to create fashion’s first, truly inclusive nude palette. However we can’t do it without you, so please sign up.” 

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Ellie Howard, head of communication at Heist Studios, said:

“You can choose a foundation in forty or more different shades, but for tights and other garments worn next to your skin, you have to be lucky enough to match one of the few shades on offer.

“Even the ‘specialist’ brands max out at seven shades of nude.”

“Women’s skin is so much more diverse than the fashion industry acknowledges and current ranges don’t get close to working for everyone.”

The brand has received a great response. 

“We’ve already had more than 12k sign-ups since we launched this morning, so huge thanks to everybody who got Nude,” they posted on Instagram on Wednesday 12 July.