Do Not Disturb: 7 Ways To Beat Digital Burnout

HuffPost UK readers share the ways they create balance in their busy lives.
Hiraman via Getty Images

Love them or hate them, our phones aren’t going anywhere. And with us spending an average of four hours and 14 minutes per day using our mobile devices in the UK, it can be easy to end your day feeling frazzled with a capital F.

So, what’s the solution? Some people are finding that setting stricter boundaries with how much they spend on screens is one way to release stress and overwhelm. A digital detox, of sorts.

Here are the ways that some HuffPost readers are claiming their ‘me-time’ back…

“I add screen time limits, so I’m aware of the time spent, I put my phone on silent (no vibrations either!), and also remove apps I spent too long on e.g. shopping apps and some socials.”

Aimee, England

“I turn all notifications off, phone on silent 24/7 (texts/calls come to my watch so I can decide if they need attention) and do not disturb is on 10pm-8am.”

Emily, East Midlands

“I have a hot bath to break the scroll cycle! Great for after work. The thought of water damage is off-putting. Also, I go to boxing training most evenings — you can’t use a phone with gloves on. Best hour of the day!”

Emma, North West England

“I periodically delete my social media apps from my phone, otherwise I mindlessly click and scroll. I’ve tried setting time limits, but I just ignore them. I also set my ‘sleep’ focus to come on earlier so it shuts down notifications and I only allow people in my favourites to contact.”

Kayleigh, London

“Double reading date with my child. The rule is no screens, just books. My motivation comes from knowing the pleasure it gives her to sit side by side reading together.”

Louise, Birmingham

“I have do not disturb on from 8pm to 8am and turn all notifications off from 5pm — the peace it gives me, I can’t tell you!”

Rosie, Berkshire

“No notifications, no social media apps on my phone (just desktop), a personalised do not disturb mode on iPhone where you can set app preferences and I’ve actually invested in an alternative phone/different number for true incognito mode!”

Amy, London