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‘Doctor Foster’ Series 2 Episode 2 Review: 12 Burning Questions We Have After The Latest Episode Of Suranne Jones’s Hit BBC Drama

Including one dodgy colleague, one more failed marriage and one confusing sexual reference.

The first series of ‘Doctor Foster’ in 2015 focussed on Gemma - in an award-winning star turn by Suranne Jones - and her plot for revenge, after discovering that her husband had been unfaithful.

Two episodes into the follow-up series, and it’s apparent that this time it’s definitely Simon Foster (Bertie Carvel) who’s after vengeance second time around.

While he’s still playing the long-game when it comes to plotting the downfall of his ex-wife, episode two also gave him the opportunity to get one over on Neil Baker, who ultimately contributed to his demise back in series one.


There’s plenty to get your head around in the latest instalment, and here are just 12 of the burning questions we were left with at the end of it all…

1. Where did Simon get all of his money from?

We saw through the story he sold to Neil at the pub, which he later confessed to Gemma was a pack of lies. So even though we now know how he didn’t get the money for his new life, we’re still in the dark about how he did.

2. Who was that man Gemma spotted with Kate?

Simon was quick to claim it was her godfather, but they looked awfully close, and why would she be bidding him farewell so intimately in just her dressing gown?

3. Why was Gemma rubbing her palm at the beginning of the episode?

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but as she followed Tom to school in her car, we clocked Gemma repeatedly rubbing the middle of her hand.

Was this just a nervous tick that Suranne Jones invented for her character, or a hint at something that might have gone down in the two-year period since we last saw her?


4. How much can we trust Sian?

It felt like after confronting Sian and hearing her side of the story, Gemma was suddenly won round. But given she’s been feeding information to Simon all this time, can we really believe that she’s had a change of heart after getting to know Gemma better?

5. And how bad was the monkfish that Gemma upped and left before dessert had even been served?


6. On the subject of supporting characters, can we really trust James either?

Let’s face it, Gemma hasn’t exactly been putting her best foot forward when it comes to her new man, has she? Between letting slip about her younger beau, who she wound up paying for sex to avoid intimacy, and showing up to her ex-husband’s housewarming party uninvited, her behaviour has been… unusual, to put it kindly.

Despite it all, James is as keen as ever. Is he just choosing to see the best in our girl, or does he have some class of ulterior motive?


7. What has gone on between Gemma and her son?

At the beginning of episode one, Gemma and Tom seemed as close as ever, but suddenly he’s telling his friends he doesn’t even love his mother. What’s gone on?

Simon teased towards the end of the episode that he’d told their son “the truth”, so what exactly is it he’s revealed, and how “truthful” has he actually been?

8. What else has Simon got up his sleeve?

He clearly won’t stop until Gemma is run out of town, and after he told Neil during their night at the pub that he was “winning”, it’s clear he’s got a trump card coming. What stunt can he pull next?

9. Is it really over for Neil and Anna?

Anna’s put up with a lot throughout her relationship with Neil, as long-time viewers will know, but when he appears to take a huge step backwards after turning over a new leaf, she finally turns him out on his ear. We’re only two episodes in, so we’re intrigued to see what happens to both of them next, particularly as Gemma now seems to be close friends with the both of them.

10. What happened to Max, and why did Tom attack him?

First off, Tom looked like he got off badly in the fight, so given that his headteacher suggested their scrap was pretty much one-sided, we hope that Max is OK.

With Max having been having conversations with Gemma in secret, we’re also interested to see whether that’s what pushed Tom to lash out, or whether this is just another symptom of his ongoing turmoil.

11. Where will Tom stay now that he’s expelled?

Both parents seemed keen for Tom to stay with them during his expulsion period. Could this latest turn of events be what’s needed to get the teenager back at his mum’s house?

12. Seriously, what is a ‘butter churner’?

Actually, after a quick Google search, we think we’d rather not know.

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‘Doctor Foster’ continues on Tuesday 19 September at 9pm on BBC One.

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