Sigh – Doctors Really Don't Want You Shaving Your Butt

The hair actually has a purpose.
Golib Tolibov / EyeEm via Getty Images

Ahem. When it comes to shaving your pubic area, it is completely up to personal preference and no-one, we repeat no-one, should ever make you feel bad for your choice to go bare or bush.

However, one doctor has shared some info about our bum hair that might make you think twice about shaving your rear.

Dr Karan Raj took to TikTok to explain to his 5.1 million followers that the hair down there actually has a purpose (albeit one we’re not often told about).

He says: “The perianal skin which contains hair follicles also contains apocrine glands, which secrete an oily substance.

“Now, your bum can trap these oil secretions to keep your crack nicely lubricated.”

This lubrication, he explains, can help reduce irritation and rashes by easing the friction when your bum cheeks rub against each other – so if you’re wondering why you get an itchy butt post-shaving, there’s your answer.

It’s not just skin-level however. “These oils also feed the good bacteria around your derriere,” Dr Raj adds.

“Remember, a strong and healthy perianal microbiome is a very good weapon to have in your arsenal.”

Whether we’ll abandon bum hair-trimming is yet to be decided, but at least we now know it’s there for an important reason.