10 Ways Your Relationship Changes After You Have Children


All parents-to-be know life is going to change when your baby comes along but few things prepare you for how much.

These are the 10 ways your relationship changes after you have children.

1. You would rather sleep than have sex.

2. And the sexiest thing your partner could say is: “Why don’t you take a nap?”

3. All your conversations are about the baby.

4. And nappy-changing techniques is totally legit dinner chat.

5. You spend all your disposable income in Mothercare.

6. You have to make social plans three months in advance.

7. You long for date night and then when it happens you just want to go home.

8. You see a new side to your partner. Once flowers and booze got you going and now it’s offering to do the weekend shop.

9. You will definitely have your ups and downs.

10. But it’s all worth it in the end.