Beards Could Contain Poo, Study Finds

Sorry what? 😳

When you think of beards, it’s probably fair to say you don’t automatically then associate them with poo.

However a new study by Fragrance Direct and Manchester Metropolitan University has found that some male beards actually contain faecal bacteria.

In case you’re wondering if this disturbing fact only applies to long beards, the study sampled a range of beards. Long, short and stubble were all tested and the results found 47% of male beards contained faecal matter.

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The majority of participants involved in the study claimed they had washed their beards that very same day of the test yet the study revealed even shorter beards had more bacteria.

Recent surveys found that 60% of men do not wash their hands after using the toilet which means that germs are kept and spread much more widely with those who have facial hair.

Unlike the hair on our heads, how to take care of facial hair is rarely spoken about. As such it’s routine for most people to wash the hair on their head but not their beards.

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Some self-love and beard care can go a long way to prevent this from happening.

Brushing through the beard to exfoliate the skin and hair with a boar bristle brush will decrease bacteria from spreading.

Then apply 4-5 drops of beard oil (for those with a beard that covers the jawline down to the Adam’s apple) and that will keep your beard clean but also the skin underneath even.

For extra beard care and love, invest in some beard balm. This locks in the moisture for longer and keeps the beard hydrated.

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