Dog Doesn't Recognise Owner Who Lost Weight In Hospital... Until He Sniffs Him

'He won’t leave my side now.'

When a dog owner returned home from hospital after five weeks it seemed like his beloved pup failed to recognise him.

But thankfully, the canine’s reliable nose helped to clear up any confusion.

Shane Godfrey, from North Carolina, was hospitalised due to complications from flu and lost around 50 pounds (3.5 stone) as a result of his illness.

At first his dog, Willie, seemed unsure about approaching Godfrey when the pair were reunited.

But thankfully, Willie seemed to return to his usual friendly self once he’d sniffed and identified his owner.

“Once he got close enough to smell me he recognised me immediately and totally went wild with excitement,” Godfrey told Fox31.

“It still makes me tear up when I see the video. He won’t leave my side now that I’ve gotten back home.”

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