15/01/2018 14:38 GMT

Dog Has Adorable Way Of 'Comforting' Owner When She Takes A Shower

So. cute. ❤️

If you’re not enjoying being back at work today, let this dog’s shower time ritual put a smile on your face.

Twitter user Rebecca Waver (@rudeweaver) shared a series of photos of her mini Goldendoodle Clark watching her while she had a shower.

In the first image, Clark looked incredibly concerned about the fact his owner was being covered in water. In the second, he brought his toy to Rebecca. And in the final image the dog looked up at her panting, while his beloved toy sat in the bath.

Rebecca came up with a theory as to why her four-legged friend had adopted the weird ritual. She tweeted: “Every time I’m in the shower my dog stares at me, worried, and he must assume I’m upset in here (because he hates baths) so he thinks if he drops his toy in that I’ll feel better.”

Understandably the internet considered the whole thing to be adorable and Rebecca’s tweets were shared more than 180,000 times with over 500,000 favourites at the time of writing.

It soon transpired that it’s not just dogs who are obsessed with watching their humans at shower time...