06/04/2016 12:05 BST

Dog Microchipping: Where To Get Your Pet Microchipped For Free

Every dog in the UK now has to have a microchip.

As of today, all dogs in the UK have to be microchipped.

Microchipping allows pets to be reunited with their owners if they become lost. 

In 2013, the Government announced that it will be compulsory for owners to microchip their pets from April 6, 2016.

While microchipping usually costs between £10 and £20, there are a number of places that offer the service for free.

Below is a list of places where owners can take their dogs to be mircrochipped for free.

  • Dogs Trust rehoming centres
    Dogs Trust rehoming centres
    Lynne Cameron/PA Archive
    The Dogs Trust, Britain's largest dog welfare charity, offer free microchipping throughout the year at all its rehoming centres. An appointment is required for those wanting to get their dogs microchipped. Dogs Trust also hold free chipping roadshows. For more information, click here.
  • Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
    Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
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    Battersea Dogs and Cats Home offer free dog microchipping at its three centres and ID tags can be ordered from its online shop. To book an appointment at your nearest centre, call 0843 509 4444. The rehoming centre also offers a range of free microchipping events. For more information, click here.
  • Blue Cross rehoming centres
    Blue Cross rehoming centres
    Carl Court/PA Archive
    Animal welfare charity, Blue Cross, microchips dogs, as well as cats and rabbits, for free. To book an appointment, call your nearest Blue Cross rehoming centre or animal hospital. For more information, visit the charity's website. Other animal charities may also offer the service free of charge, so check with your local branch.
  • The Mayhew Animal Home
    The Mayhew Animal Home
    The Mayhew Animal Home
    Located in north west London, The Mayhew Animal Home is a rescue and rehoming centre that provides a number of free microchipping events. Throughout March and the start of April, the centre's animal welfare officers have been providing free microchipping for dogs at BARK in the Park events with Brent Council. For more information about upcoming events, click here.
  • Participating vets
    Participating vets
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    Some veterinary practices offer free microchipping for dogs. Participating veterinary groups can be found here and here.
  • Events around the country
    Events around the country
    Matt Dunham/AP
    There are a number of events held around the country where pet owners can get their dogs microchipped free of charge. The 'Chip My Dog' website, created by Dogs Trust, lists the events that offer free microchipping.
  • Local authorities
    Local authorities
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    Some local authorities offer free microchipping for their residents. Middlesborough Council, Waltham Forest Council, Newham Council, Hounslow Council and Test Valley Council are just some of those that offer the free service. Check with your local authority to find out if this service is available to you.