06/10/2016 16:06 BST | Updated 06/10/2016 16:24 BST

Dog Retrieves OAP’s Prosthetic Leg As It Floats Out To Sea

'She brought it triumphantly ashore, very proud and happy'

A wire-haired German pointer has saved the day for a pensioner who lost her prosthetic leg whilst visiting a Welsh beach. 

Trained gundog Gertie leapt into action on Freshwater East beach in Pembrokeshire, after a distressed man approached her owner John Dooner to explain a freak wave had taken his wife’s limb away, Tenby Today reports.

The prosthesis was already past the surf and disappearing with the ebbing tide when the alarm was raised.

Dooner told the Western Telegraph: “I could see the limb floating beyond the surf, so I threw a stone into the water and Gertie was away.

“She dived through the waves and of course, the only thing she could see was the leg, so she grabbed it.

“She brought it triumphantly ashore, very proud and happy.

“It got a bit sandy as she dragged it up the beach, but I dusted it off and handed it back to the gentleman.”

Dooner, who paints pictures of animals has rewarded his faithful friend with a portrait of her own. (And hopefully a large bone.)