Dolly Parton Teams Up With Netflix For New Show Based On Her Hits

This has got 'binge the whole thing in a day' written all over it.

Dolly Parton has announced a new deal with Netflix, which will see some of her biggest hits serving as the basis of a new anthology series.

Yes, eight of Dolly’s biggest hits will be reworked for the small screen, with the multiple Grammy-winner also set to produce and star in the new series.

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton
Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

She said of the upcoming venture: “As a songwriter, I have always enjoyed telling stories through my music.

“I am thrilled to be bringing some of my favorite songs to life with Netflix. We hope our show will inspire and entertain families and folks of all generations, and I want to thank the good folks at Netflix and Warner Bros. TV for their incredible support.”

It’s truly a testament to the warmth of Dolly Parton that she can make a pre-written line like “the good folks at Netflix and Warner Bros. TV” flow right off the tongue, right?

With a vast back catalogue of Dolly tracks to choose from, we can no doubt expect some workplace drama with ‘9 To 5’ and a fiery love triangle for ‘Jolene’.

For ‘I Will Always Love You’, we’re thinking an epic about a Secret-Service-agent-turned-bodyguard sent to look after a famous spoiled musician from a mysterious stalker, only for the two of them to fall into a passionate love affair.

Oh, that’s… that’s been done? OK, then.

In recent times, Dolly has tried her hand at a number of interesting new projects, releasing her first ever children’s interview last year, which she promoted on CBeebies’ ‘Bedtime Story’ segment.


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