Dolly Parton

The country legend's unexpected link to the Matrix actor goes all the way back to his childhood.
The View co-host offered a concise retort to Dolly's detractors who greeted her Thanksgiving Day performance with ageist scorn.
"You like my outfit?" the country music legend asked during her halftime performance, to rapturous cheers.
The Jolene singer-songwriter explained why she isn’t feeling a “Dolly for President” campaign.
The country superstar has been married for 57 years – but you won't catch her husband out in public with her any time soon.
The Jolene singer-songwriter has received offers to perform at the big game – including on one occasion with a fellow A-lister.
Parton explained how she keeps in touch with pals after Miley Cyrus and Reba McEntire spilled on her love for one communication method.
The country superstar offered up a hilarious excuse for passing on the palace.
Dolly vowed to "never retire" as she named the three reasons she would consider slowing her career as a working musician.
The beloved country singer doesn't want to use artificial intelligence to carry on her legacy the way other musical icons, such as ABBA, have done.