26/04/2018 20:16 BST

'The Dom Raab Special' Is Actually Pret's Bestselling Sandwich, Chain Reveals

Westminster is mildly obsessed with the housing minister's lunch combo.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Dominic Raab's strict sandwich habit has gripped the media

A politician’s sandwich choice has inadvertently enthralled Westminster.

Housing minister Dominic Raab has been rocked by claims that the MP always buys the same baguette, a “superfruit” pot and a vitamin volcano smoothie.

It has been dubbed “The Dom Raab Special”.

An undercover Daily Mirror reporter got the scoop from a woman who works for Raab, who also reportedly sells sex on the side and suggested having sex in Raab’s office.

But it was existential angst of buying the same meal every day that captivated Fleet Street.

In a revelation set to make Raab’s lunch choice appear even more bland, Pret A Manger has told HuffPost the chicken caesar and bacon baguette, which he reportedly eats every single day, is in fact the chain’s most popular sandwich. 

Pret A Manger confirmed the baguette is its best seller. “You may be interested to know,” a spokeswoman said, before making the big reveal.

Pret had yet to confirm any hard data on how many of the sandwiches were sold each day – and what percentage of them Raab eats.

The spokeswoman said the company would track down the data “asap”.

She later confirmed the sandwich outsold the second most popular sandwich, the pole & line caught tuna mayo and cucumber, by 1,500 last week.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
A photo of the sandwich Dominic Raab eats every day in Westminster

The New Statesman did an unscientific poll of its staff and found 52% bought the same lunch every day.

As this article went live, the chicken caesar and bacon baguette was leading an online Mirror poll of Pret sandwiches.

It is unclear whether Raab voted in it.