Donald Trump Defends Ivanka Sitting In For Him At G20 But Twitter Isn't Having It

Even Chelsea Clinton got involved with a 🔥 tweet.

Donald Trump has defended his decision to have his daughter Ivanka temporarily sit in for him at the G20 summit.

The US President caused controversy at the weekend when his daughter was spotted sitting alongside Prime Minister Theresa May, Chinese President Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel during the meeting of 20 world leaders in Hamburg.

On Monday Trump took to Twitter to describe the situation of Ivanka sitting in his seat while he had meetings with other leaders as “very standard” and suggested that he had the support of Merkel.

But Twitter’s having none of it.

Many have been extremely unenthusiastic about the role of America’s first daughter.

While others have shared their doubt about the whole Merkel agreeing claim.

In a follow-up tweet, Trump also claimed that the media response would have been very different if Chelsea Clinton had sat in for her mother Hillary.

To which Clinton swiftly and sassily responded saying that situation would never happen, and won a lot of praise in the process.

While it is uncommon for a family member to sit in on a meeting such as this, Ivanka is an official but unpaid advisor to her father.


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