08/02/2017 18:51 GMT | Updated 08/02/2017 18:52 GMT

Donald Trump Tweets America Is Waiting For 'EASY D!' And Baffles Everyone


Donald Trump has signed off a tweet “EASY D!” in another reminder that this isn’t a nightmare and he really is the president.

Having condemned Nordstrom for dropping his daughter Ivanka Trump’s fashion range, Trump tweeted about the supposed “big increase in traffic into our country from certain areas”.

This is presumably a reference to the fact the judiciary had stayed his Muslim ban.

Trump lamented this “big increase in traffic” happened “while our people are far more vulnerable, as we wait for what should be EASY D!”

It is unclear whether “EASY D” is Trump’s new persona, another person or a typo.

Twitter made some good guesses.

Pornhub had an X-rated interpretation about what he talking about.


They weren’t alone.

But this interpretation had competition from those saying it was a stage name.

Others drew a blank.

One person suggested Easy D was responsible for the terrorist attack Trump’s staff made up.