These Politicians Wouldn't Make Donald Trump's Cabinet Because They Have Facial Hair

No moustachioed politicos, says President-Elect.

The appointment of Donald Trump’s Cabinet is gripping America, with every pick a mini-soap opera.

Decisions to appoint bankers and veteran politicians defy the President-Elect’s promise to “drain the swamp”, but there appears to be a less conventional method at work than recruiting from the Old Boys Network.

According to the Washington Post, Trump believes his lieutenants should “look the part”. More specifically, no facial hair.

Trump “associates” told the newspaper John Bolton, the ex-United Nations ambassador in the running for Secretary of State, lost out in part because of what was lurking on his upper lip. One said:

“Donald was not going to like that moustache. I can’t think of anyone that’s really close to Donald that has a beard that he likes.”

Ideology aside, Trump’s aversion to moustachioed politicos would mean many prominent figures from history and modern times fail make the grade, and may explain why one of his new friends ditched the fuzz.

Nigel Farage
Ex-Ukip leader and repeat visitor to Trump Tower.
Paul Ryan
Republican Speaker of the House who wasn't "quite there yet" with Trump during the election campaign.
Peter Mandelson
Colin Davey via Getty Images
New Labour 'prince of darkness'.
Abraham Lincoln
Alexander Gardner via Getty Images
American political titan.
Jeremy Corbyn
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Labour leader and multi Parliamentary Beard of the Year winner.
Fidel Castro
Cuban revolutionary.
Robin Cook
PA/PA Archive
Late Labour politician who quit the Cabinet over the Iraq War.
Joseph Stalin
Sovfoto via Getty Images
Russian dictator.
Al Gore
Eric Francis via Getty Images
Former US Vice President and went to Trump Tower to talk climate change.
Alistair Darling
Ex-Labour Chancellor in his cool student days.
Gerry Adams
NurPhoto via Getty Images
Irish republican politician.

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