Donald Trump Slates Hillary Clinton's Speech Skills Then Forgets What Day it Is

Mate, it's Thursday.

Another day, another Trump blunder.

Fortunately his latest doesn’t involve insulting entire religions, genders or humans who still require breastfeeding, just the other contender for the office President.

Addressing a crowd in Florida, Trump took a swipe at rival Hillary Clinton’s mental faculties after she admitted she “short-circuited” when answering questions from the media about the ongoing classified email scandal.

<strong>Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the campaign rally in Kissimmee.</strong>
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the campaign rally in Kissimmee.
Evan Vucci/AP

He said: “Now, Hillary Clinton, commonly referred to as ‘Crooked Hillary'.

“Hillary Clinton gave a speech today having to do with economic development, having to do with a lot of different things. Short speech, always very short. You know?

“She makes the speech, she turns off the teleprompter. Look, what happens, she gives a short speech then she goes home, goes to sleep, she shows up two days later. Remember, short circuit. Remember that, right? Short circuit.”

Moments later he said to the crowd: “By the way, is there any place to be that’s better than a Friday night in Florida at a Trump rally? No place.”

Only it was Thursday.

Things got even more embarrassing when he once again insisted it was the wrong day of the week.

He said: “We joke. It’s Friday night and we’re having fun.”

Nope, still Thursday.

Trump has continued to have a rough ride in the run up to the presidential elections in November.

Last week his unrelenting yet unfathomably effective mission to alienate as much of the human race as possible to win a popular election stepped up a gear today - when he kicked a baby out of a rally.

An actual infant.

And its mother.