06/01/2017 13:37 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 13:42 GMT

Donald Trump Honoured With ‘Trump Fish’ Restaurant In Northern Iraq

'The name Trump is beloved in Kurdistan.'

A restaurant serving fire-roasted carp in northern Iraq has endorsed the US President-elect with the distinctive moniker ‘Trump Fish’.

Based in the Kurdish city of Duhok, Trump Fish’s logo is emblazoned with the oft-discussed businessman-turned-politician’s unnaturally yellow bouffant quiff.

Owner Nedyar Zawity told Reuters he appreciates Trump’s promise to increase support to the Kurds and Peshmerga fighters.

Ari Jalal / Reuters
Trump Fish serves fire-roasted carp for $10 a kilo 

“I personally love Trump for this,” Zawity said, adding: “The name Trump is beloved in Kurdistan.”

Speaking to the New York Times in July, Trump declared: “I’m a fan of the Kurds, you understand.”

When it was pointed out to him that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not, Trump expanded: “Well, it would be ideal if we could get them all together. And that would be a possibility. But I’m a big fan of the Kurdish forces.

“At the same time, I think we have a potentially – we could have a potentially very successful relationship with Turkey. And it would be really wonderful if we could put them somehow both together.”

Ari Jalal / Reuters
A waiter serves fish at Trump Fish