Photo Of Donald Trump During Ted Cruz's RNC Speech Is Getting Photoshopped

*Fires up Photoshop*

This week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio saw Donald Trump formally chosen as the party’s presidential nominee, however all eyes were on his former arch rival Ted Cruz when he refused to endorse the chosen candidate.

As members of the party chanted “Endorse!” at the Texan Senator, journalists captured a very awkward photograph of Trump and his family with some less-than-enthused looks on their faces.

Win McNamee via Getty Images

As expected, the internet sprung into action and started Photoshopping.

The death stares are unmissable

And obviously Crying Jordan showed up

They reminded people of another famous family

The obligatory face swaps

And a look into what everyone in the picture was thinking

And what the guy behind Trump was up to

A very subtle but substantial change here

How Trump thought he looked

And one Photoshopper decided to cheer everyone up a bit

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