Donald Trump Supporter Says Presidential Candidate 'Eats People All Of Races' In What *Might* Be A Typo

<strong>Donald Trump eats what appears to be a pork chop</strong>
Donald Trump eats what appears to be a pork chop

One of Donald Trump’s biggest donors has said he backs the Republican candidate because he “eats” people “of all races”, in what is either a typo or a another potentially damaging revelation about the demagogue’s diet.

Sean O’Loughlin, one of 11 people who donated the maximum allowed under electoral law to Trump during the primary elections, said the billionaire and potential next president “lives, works, eats and employs people of all races and religions”.

Prior to making the revelation that Trump might be an equal opportunities cannibal, O’Loughlin says: “When people on the news call Donald Trump a racist, I find that statement difficult to believe.”

At the bottom of the letter is a picture of George Washington, first president, secular God of the American Republic.

In a sign that the public are becoming immune to any shocking revelations or rhetoric from Donald Trump, journalists were seemingly too exhausted to get that excited about this latest claim.

For one person, it was the moment the wool was pulled from her eyes.

The claim/accusation/gaffe/typo comes just days after Trump appalled the internet by posting a picture of himself eating Kentucky Friend Chicken with a knife and fork.

There is no evidence Trump subsequently ate anyone in Virginia.

Trump’s persistent gaffes have revealed he is largely immune to them. During the primaries, he infamously claimed he could “could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters”.

Whether he could stand in Fifth Avenue and eat somebody - lots of somebodies, of all races and religions - and lose no support remains to be seen.

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