Nottingham Pub Installs Donald Trump Urinal

That'll show him.

The Raglan Road pub in Nottingham has been encouraging male customers to vent their frustration at US presidential hopeful Donald Trump by weeing on his face.

Pub manager Ruth Beraki told the Nottingham Post (no relation) that they decided to put up the picture at the beginning of August.

“Everyone that has seen it has absolutely loved it, and they have found it really funny,” she said.

“I think we decided to put it up there because the owners and customers didn’t agree with Trump’s point of view and because we believe Nottingham is a multicultural and mixed, vibrant city.”

But this Irish bar wasn’t the first to show their distaste with the former reality TV star turned politician using streams of urine.

A pub in Dublin also decided to adorn their urinal with the Republican candidate’s face earlier this summer.

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