09/06/2016 10:52 BST

Pooping Man Sees Donald Trump's Face In Bathroom Floor Tiles

He was sitting on the toilet when he saw the presidential candidate's face.

You often hear of people seeing faces everywhere, such as visions of Jesus on a Chinese takeaway, the Duchess of Cambridge in a jelly bean or Elvis on Mars - but now one man claims to have seen an image of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump in the floor of his bathroom.

Clayton Litten of Midlothian, Virginia, says he was sitting on the toilet when he spotted a "clear as day" image of The Donald on his new flooring.

But we're not so sure - can you see Trump's face?

Clayton Litten
"It's a perfect image of him," Litten said. "Clear as day!"

After a long, long time looking we think we've managed to figure it out. Here's a little bit of help if you still can't spot it:

Clayton Litten
Can you spot it yet?

Litten, who plans to vote for Trump, said his wife and some of the workers who laid the tiles were also able to see the same thing.

He has sent the images to the Trump campaign in the hopes his hero will stop by for a tinkle and take a look.

They haven't responded.

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