Here's Why You Should Never Boil Peeled Potatoes

I'm team 'taking it easier'.
Kinga Krzeminska via Getty Images

We’ve recently written about how you should never boil your potatoes for mash in water ― instead, milk is a surefire path to creamy perfection.

And if you’re on a further hunt for spud-based excellence, it might be time to try a no-peel trick that’s perfect for mashed and roast spuds (my entire family swears by it).

Recently, TikToker @quitmyjob shared a video that began with the caption “Why did I ever peel a potato?”.

The creator then lifted a boiled potato from the pot and simply glided two halves of its skin off in one elegant motion.


The trick is to run a knife along the circumference of the potatoes before boiling them (almost like you’re drawing on a macabre little belt).

Boil the potatoes as normal, and then, after they’ve cooled enough to touch, you can simply pull the two halves apart.

Aside from being a much easier way of prepping the veg, it’s also a great way to ensure you keep the nutrients and flavour locked into your spuds (at least, that’s according to the Idaho Potato Commission, who frankly ought to know).

And then, there’s the fact that you can make stuffed potato skins or potato skin crisps much, much more easily with a boiled-and-removed peel than you could with the scraps in your sink.

Just chuck the potato skins in the oven for ten or 15 minutes before using them for loaded potatoes, as that’ll help them to crisp up to the level of their baked counterparts.

You can also make the air fryer potato skin crisps in the oven if you don’t have an air fryer ― just cook them until they’re crisp and sprinkle on the seasoning of your choice immediately after they leave the oven or air fryer.

And when you’re done with the mash, why not try our simple two-ingredient leftover potato flatbread?

Whatever you do, though, don’t sign up for any unnecessary peeling ― your tastebuds and energy levels will thank you.