Why You Should Never Put Milk In Your Fridge Door According To Money Saving Pro

You could actually save money by changing the way you store it
Where you put your milk in the fridge could make it last longer
John Nguyen via PA Wire/PA Images
Where you put your milk in the fridge could make it last longer

As the cost of living crisis continues, we’re ready to try out any money saving hack doing the rounds – and the latest from one popular TikTok page is all about where you put your milk in the fridge.

Yes, according to Cost of Living Crisis Tips (@costoflivingcrisistips) on the video sharing platform, you could be cutting the shelf-life of your milk by where you keep it in the fridge.

In the video, the team behind the account explain that by keeping your milk in the fridge’s door, you could be costing yourself extra money by wasting the product in the long run.

“Don’t put your milk on the fridge door like this,” the account writes while showing a picture of a bottle in a fridge’s door.

“When you open the fridge door, it pulls away from the cool air - affecting the freshness,” they explain.

Instead, they suggest tucking it away at the back of your fridge to keep it fresher for longer.

In a follow-up comment, Cost of Living Crisis Tips added: “Money saving tip for you, buy Cravendale it lasts longer.”

The video, which has amassed an impressive 3.5k likes, has seen many users add their own tips to its comments section.

One TikTok user added: “Bottom shelf is better than top as well for freshness.”

“Don’t complain about your fridge not being big enough,” another wrote.

“Lie it flat to save space.”