The 1 Place You Should Never Ever Store Your Perfume

I need to change everything.
Isabel Pavia via Getty Images

If (like me) you apply perfume every time you step outside, you’ll know that there are some areas (like your eyes or your pits) where the sweet-smelling stuff just doesn’t belong.

But you might not have known that your favourite sweet-smelling spritz has another no-go area, too ― at least, that’s according to John Cutts, a glass expert at said.

He shared that you should never leave your perfume on your windowsill as “the fluctuation in temperatures could damage your favourite scents and make them go out of date quicker.”

And perfume isn’t the only thing you should never leave on your windowsill, he adds. Here are seven more:

1) Deodorant

Perfume isn’t the only scent-sational product you should keep away from your windowsill, MeandMyGlass experts shared. “If a deodorant can is exposed to direct sunlight for too long the pressure starts to rise inside which could cause it to explode,” they revealed.

Instead of leaving them out, we should “Keep them stored away in a sealed bag or cabinet.”

2) Food

This one’s not about Tom and Jerry-esque pie thief worries ― instead, you should keep your food away from the windowsill to keep fruit flies at bay, the experts say.

3) Mirrors

Yup, I was surprised by this one too (oops).

“Makeup vanities on a windowsill can pose a serious fire risk. Even in chilly temperatures strong rays of sunlight can cause major problems,” the glass pros shared.

4) Candles

“The sunlight from the window can actually cause the candle to ignite even if it’s not very warm outside, posing a fire risk,” apparently ― certainly, lighting a windowsill-based candle and leaving it alone can cause fires.

5) Anything valuable or delicate

This one’s pretty intuitive, but I’ve definitely fallen foul of ignoring this advice before too.

“Anything delicate or valuable like photo frames can obstruct the use of your window and you may be more likely to break something when trying to open it or clean the area,” the pros say.

6) Your phone

Oh dear ― I really need to reconsider my life.

“A phone can easily overheat if it’s left on the windowsill for long periods of time,” revealed the glass experts. “The overheating could cause the battery to heat up to dangerous levels or even cause it to explode.”

7) Plants

I did a double take too ― but it’s more specific plants that can’t weather the windowsill than all plants in general.

“Peace lilies and violets enjoy the sunlight but too much of it can cause leaves to burn,” the glass gurus pointed out.

“Make sure not to leave them on the windowsill all day to prevent this from happening by rotating the plants and closing any blinds.”

Well, that’s my life changed...