These Houseplants Can Help Prevent Mould And Condensation In The Home

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Housing charity Shelter have warned that over a quarter of renters struggle with damp and mould in their homes. These can cause health issues which include respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma, according to the NHS.

If you rent, it is your landlord’s responsibility to address damp and mould problems but if you don’t, or you just want to prevent the problem entirely, houseplants could be part of the solution.

Houseplants that help with damp and mould

According to Ideal Home, there are houseplants that can help us with condensation issues during these difficult winter months when condensation and mould are more common.

Spider plants

Pet-safe, low-maintenance and jazzy as anything, the spider plant isn’t just the perfect starter plant for those hoping to get into being plant parents, but they also are very effective at eliminating damp, too.

BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane said: “Spider plants are excellent for absorbing excess moisture and improving indoor air quality. They are also easy to care for and adapt well to different conditions.”

Chinese evergreen plants

A stunning plant with uniquely striped leaves, the Chinese evergreen plant reduces humidity levels in homes, meaning they’re an ideal addition to your plant family if you struggle with condensation.

Additionally, Ideal Home state that the plant is basically unkillable, which is great news for those who aren’t dab hands at keeping plants flourishing.

Peace lily plants

While these plants are a little more complex to look after, Lane said that they have air-purifying qualities, and can effectively reduce humidity by reducing moisture through their leaves.

He also added that they’re visually appealing which is undoubtedly true.

Palm plants

Gardening magazine Country Gardener said: “Palms are a great choice to help control humidity and keep mould at bay, absorbing moisture through their leaves. Varieties to look out for include Areca palms, bamboo palms, the lady palm, dwarf date palm and reed palm.”

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