There is always some damp and mold everywhere - on many surfaces and in the air. Mold has been on the planet for millions of years. It grows where there is moisture. Thus, mold health issues are some of the most widespread health problems all over the world.
A woman who lived with mouldy breast implants for a number years has spoken out about how they made her so ill she thought
There's nothing worse than opening a tub of blueberries to find a furry friend tucked away among them. Mould is a pain in
While there are some opinions that mold (or mould) is harmless, there are umpteen testimonies by people who have been affected
Ever eaten mouldy food after cutting away those unwanted parts? Sure you have. When it comes to hunger, a lot of things can
The UK's eating trends are turning away from the traditional and embracing the outright weird, according to an annual "cool