17 Dramatic Pictures As The Calais 'Jungle' Is Demolished

The makeshift camp is being dismantled this week.
Aerial view of the 'Jungle' before work began to dismantle the camp this week.
Aerial view of the 'Jungle' before work began to dismantle the camp this week.

For more than 20 years, migrants have been congregating in the Calais area of Northern France in an attempt to claim asylum and begin a new life in Britain.

This week, the French authorities have been demolishing the sprawling, squalid camp dubbed the ‘Jungle’, tearing down makeshift buildings and tents that have been housing up to 10,000 men, women and children.

As thousands left in the first waves of the exodus, photographers captured a blend of migrants wheeling bags away, demolition teams dismantling accommodation and blazes set off in protest at the crackdown - capturing the abandonment and anger.

Matt Dunham/AP
Inside a shelter abandoned by migrants as crews start to demolish makeshift housing.
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A migrant retrieves his belongings as the camp is broken down.
Migrants walk past tents with their belongings during the second day of the 'Jungle' evacuation.
A shelter set ablaze in protest of the camp being dismantled.
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Workers begin the demolition.
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Firefighter sprays water on the remains of a migrants' tent after it was set alight.
Workmen collect debris as they tear down shelters.
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The abandoned 'Peace Restaurant'.
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A pile of migrants' belongings as demolition teams go to work.
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Police officer stands guard after migrants burn down a shelter.
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Firefighters extinguish a fire.
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Migrants leaving the camp.
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A migrant takes part in the demolition.
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Crews demolishing shelters.
Belongings taken away from tents and shelters.
Pascal Rossignol / Reuters
Razor-wire topped fence to stop migrants from trying to reach Britain on lorries.
Philippe Wojazer / Reuters
Migrants gather near flames from a burning makeshift shelter.