migrant crisis

Wednesday was the deadliest day on record for people trying to get to the UK through the Channel.
The news that 27 people died while trying to cross the Channel on Wednesday has rocked the UK.
"I don't want to hear another hand-wring from Priti Patel," one person tweeted.
People died in French waters while trying to reach UK shores on a dingy on Wednesday.
“The UK currently takes far fewer asylum seekers than many of our European neighbours.”
Brendan Clarke-Smith backed Priti Patel’s more extreme tactics to deter migrants coming across the English Channel.
A photo of breakout tennis star Emma Raducanu was placed next to the Priti Patel's new anti-migrant policy.
The home secretary met her French counterpart on Wednesday for crisis talks.
Europe may soon see an influx of refugees seeking asylum from the Taliban.
Government apologies for migrant deaths have become as rehearsed as the faux compassion they show, writes Maighna Nanu.