migrant crisis

"We behave as if these people are not playing the rules – they are," Henri Murison said on BBC Question Time.
Home secretary will say being gay or a woman is not reason enough to receive asylum.
There's still a lack of clarity around what actually happened once the bacteria was found.
"They're not really comparable figures, are they?" Sally Nugent noted.
The health secretary seemed to deny much involvement in the Bibby Stockholm incident.
Host Nicky Campbell seemed mystified by Tom Hunt's response to the migrant barge.
The coup-attempting former president lies as a matter of course, but his lie about the wall he promised he would build in 2016 may wind up costing him in 2024.
"Desperate people will continue to take life threatening journeys because they feel they have no choice," the SNP's Alison Thewliss told her.
The home secretary was skewered by a fellow Tory MP during an awkward exchange.
“Do you think people are fleeing the situation in Afghanistan so they can stay in a Premier Inn in Dover?”