calais jungle

Over 2 years since the demolition of the ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais there are still over 3000 refugees dispersed and living around Northern France and Belgium. Deteriorating conditions have lead refugees to try increasingly risky methods of reaching the UK.
No amount of restrictive and dehumanising legislation will deter those in desperation from attempting the journey to the UK. Removing their access to shelter has only made life more dangerous
I saw him once a week when he came to the UK, each time he’d say: “Don’t leave. Liz family, Liz family.”
Fear have been raised about violence, sexual abuse and trafficking.
Lord Dubs to withdraw amendment after victory
She called on the UK to rekindle the spirit with which it received refugees 77 years ago.
The makeshift camp is being dismantled this week.
Chuka Umunna says image was 'xenophobic garbage'
Around 200 activists have gathered at the camps in recent days.