New Dyson Hair Tool 'The AirWrap' Costs £400 - Would You Pay It?

One word: spenny.

Dyson has created a hair styling tool designed to smooth hair, plus create waves and curls hair without the need for extreme heat. The only issue? It’ll set you back a pretty penny.

The tool - called the AirWrap - manipulates hair into styles using air. Its motor creates something called the Coanda effect, where the air attracts hair to the barrel and wraps it around to create a person’s desired style.

All in all the tool seems like great news for those with years-worth of heat damaged hair. But would you fork out £400 on it?

The new Dyson AirWrap uses air to style hair.
The new Dyson AirWrap uses air to style hair.

The tool was unveiled on 9 October in New York City by James Dyson himself. It is the brand’s second product in the personal care category after the Supersonic hair dryer. Both tools are powered by the same motor.

There are three AirWrap stylers - one for multiple hair types, one for unruly, frizz-prone hair and one for limp flat hair. Prices for the latter two start from £399, while the tool for multiple hair types costs £449.

The tool can be used in place of a hair dryer, which removes the need for taking a plethora of styling tools when you go abroad.

There are 30 reviews on the Dyson site currently. Overall it has been ranked 4.9 out of 5. A Vogue review notes there’s no finger or forehead burning and nothing to catch or trap your hair on. However, it does say in order to style your hair, it would need to be slightly damp.

Dyson says it has invested £75m in hair science to date. “This tool is very much intended to be used by consumers to achieve salon style looks themselves with minimal effort,” the company said in a release.

“It’s much easier to style with than trying to hold a hair dryer and a brush at the same time.”