Eamonn Holmes Calls For Child-Free Flights During 'This Morning' Debate

'I don’t want your children next to me.'

Eamonn Holmes has said airlines should offer child-free flights so he doesn’t have to be disturbed while travelling.

“I just want the choice,” he said. “I paid for the ticket, why not?

He added: “I don’t want your children next to me.”

Holmes, who is a dad-of-four, was debating the issue of child-free flights with Ruth Langsford, journalist Martin Daubney and mum-of-two Rebecca Jane on ‘This Morning’, following tan incident when a plane passenger shouted at a disabled child.

ITV/This Morning

“What makes life miserable is that I’ve paid for my holiday,” Holmes said. “I’ve got one week off all year. I just want to get on that plane and watching my movie, or sleep or whatever it happens to be.”

Daubney spoke out against the idea of child-free travel because he said it would be a regressive step to take.

“We’ve moved beyond that,” he said.

“Flying with children is stressful for the parents. But it’s worse with grumpy adults.”

However, Jane believed child-free flights would make travel easier for parents who worried about disturbing childless travellers.

The segment sparked a debate on Twitter with commenters sharing their views with the hashtag #childfreetravel.

The case against:

The case for:

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