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‘EastEnders’ Spoiler: Nancy Carter And Tamwar Masood Prepare To Leave Walford

But can Nancy fix her family problems first?

Just weeks ago, the ‘EastEnders’ team announced that Maddy Hill and Himesh Patel were leaving the soap, and the time has now come for their characters to say farewell to Albert Square.

Nancy Carter has had a tough time recently, and viewers will see her decide to leave Walford once and for all, announcing her plans to leave and go travelling.

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Will everything go to plan?

After a heart-to-heart Tamwar Masood, she invites him to go first to Italy, and then around the world, with her.

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Nancy says an emotional farewell to baby Olly

However, things aren’t easy for the duo and when Masood and Tamwar receives some surprising news from Zainab (yes, Zainab!), Tamwar is left with a tough decision.

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Tamwar gets cold feet

There’s also the small matter of Nancy’s family, and ever since the accident with Olly, her relationship with her dad Mick hasn’t been the same.

Will they patch things up before she leaves Walford?

Maddy has already landed her first post-'EastEnders' role, and later this year, she'll be treading the boards in a London Shakespeare production

These scenes air from Monday 18 April. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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